“Wow, this is incredible!”   That is what we hear quite often from our clients when we upgrade their existing home theater to Dolby ATMOS.   We find that most homeowners have 5.1 surround systems in their home, which were perfectly in tune with those shiny DVD systems they purchased back in the 1990’s.    However, we live in a different world today, with blu ray’s, streaming 4K video, hi res audio, Ultra4K blu ray players, and new surround formats available in the home.    We can design an ATMOS system in your home that will resemble a professional movie theater – both visually and audibly.   Soft drinks, popcorn, and a box of Milk Duds won’t cost you $20.00, and your feet won’t get stuck to the floor either!

Today’s projectors are better than ever, and we can demonstrate that for you in our showroom.    Most projectors get a bad rap, and that is because they aren’t set up correctly with the right screen or throw distance.   We offer projection screens from Screen Innovation, which is topnotch in our industry.   SI builds every screen to order, and they offer any size and many types.   Types?  Yes, there are many types of screen material in which to choose.   Again, we will help with that.   Another problem is that the owner purchases a projector that is designed for commercial use.   We won’t let you do that!

custom home theater by GREAT CHOICE A/V

We are quite experienced with setting our customers’ theater systems up correctly, knowing how to measure gain, lumens, throw, calibration, contrast ratio, etc. to present you with an incredible video experience that will outperform any large television on the market.   A big box store or the internet cannot provide this type of service.

A lot of research on evolution roadmaps for audio formats has shown that better spacial accuracy is even more beneficial to more listeners than the high definition picture is to viewers.   In other words, Dolby ATMOS is absolutely incredible when designed correctly.   We are experts in speaker placement for your theater/media room to provide the best performance possible.   Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and we carry some fine lines like KEF and Phase Technology.

If you enjoy watching blockbuster movies with your family and the big ball games with friends, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.   We will be more than happy to demonstrate the moderately priced theater system we have set up in our showroom.   Once you’ve experienced our professionally designed system, we can visit your home and design a nice system for you!   As always, our in-home consultations are FREE…