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Home Theater systems are fun!

Whether you are building a new home and want a dedicated theater room, or simply wish to upgrade an existing room in your existing home, we’re the guys for the job. We specialize in designing custom systems for our customers and thoroughly enjoy what we do!

Room Design

Our specialty is helping our customers achieve that real home theater experience. With a new home, we can help you design your theater room to be spectacular. With an existing home, we can show you how to improve your system in ways you’ve never dreamed.

Screen Size & Viewing Distance

Not all projectors and screens are created equal. Projection systems often get a bad rap, because not enough attention was given to the selection and matching of the equipment. It is imperative to properly match the screen with the projector and the overall room environment. The finest projector in the world will perform poorly when shown on a subpar screen.

Sound Proofing

If you have hardwood floors, etc., acoustic panels are certainly an option. Some are quite stylish too!

Controlling it All

The fun system isn’t really all that fun if it isn’t easy to operate. We recommend Universal Remote Controls to all our clients for ease and simplicity. Just a simple push of a button makes it all happen!


Heat is the worst enemy of today’s electronics. Most people want their electronics hidden out of sight, and this can present problems regarding overheating. Custom racks are available with extremely quiet fans that will prolong the life of your equipment and allow it to perform to the best of its ability.