The dARTS (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) Theater by Phase Technology is a cinema true all-digital theater system.   This is what many consider Home Theater Perfection.   Each speaker is perfectly tuned at the factory, which, by the way, is the 2nd oldest in The United States and the world.    Once the speakers are installed, they are professionally calibrated again to the specific room with the Odyssey MultEQ room calibration software that takes over.   The sonic footprint of the room is taken completely out of the equation.    The dARTS Theater includes an intelligent amplifier that calibrates the individual speakers’ performance.    The end result ensures true sound perfection.    You’ve never heard movies sound so precise!    Recently, three top magazine reviewers touted dARTS Theater as the best home theater they’d ever experienced in category.    These may be the finest home theater speakers you’ll ever hear!

Many people have heard of MultEQ, as it has been around for over 10 years.    A lower version of it shows up in several of today’s finer surround receivers.    MultEQ can be described as room equalization technology that was designed to eliminate distortion that is caused by sound reflecting off the various surfaces in your room – walls, ceiling, floor, windows, etc.   These reflections cause sound to arrive to your ears at different times.    dARTS eliminates that.    Have you ever gone to a large movie theater with windows, hard floors, walls, etc.?   Of course not – the sound would be a mess. None of us live in movie theaters, so dARTS is the next best thing.    Whether you’re room is a 5.1 surround system or a full blown 7.4.4 ATMOS system, his system is precisely optimized for your personal room – not a showroom or someone else’s theater room.

dARTS speakers are available in four variations – tower, in-wall, in-ceiling, and custom box type.    Unique application sizes can be special ordered.   This incredible system will be installed in our show house soon, and we’ll be excited to show you!