Summer is almost over, and a lot of people feel like summer has already ended. Labor Day has passed,
school is back in session, and families around the U.S. are busier than ever. But don’t worry, there’s still
plenty of time to make nice summer memories (from your own home!).
Here’s a list of all the fun things you can do with your family right from the comfort of your own home or
Friday Night Movie/Sleepover
Remember when you were a child, and you got to cuddle up with your pillows and blankets in the living
room and eat loads of junk food while watching movies with your friends? You can do that again, and
now you can do it with your family.
All it takes is a TV, a DVD player (or a streaming device), and a comfortable place to sit.
Whether you push back the couch in the living room and make a giant pallet in the center of the floor,
cuddle up in front of your media room TV, or camp outside in your backyard in front of an outdoor TV,
you’re guaranteed to make fantastic memories with your family.

Water Fun/Swimming
The sun isn’t quite done beating down on us this year which means you can have plenty of fun outdoors
with or without a pool.
Ge the family outside and dance together in the sprinklers, or simply take turns spraying one another
with the water hose. If you have a pool, you can enjoy the benefits of completely submerging in the
water to cool off.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how you do it, outdoor water play is a long-standing tradition
of family fun.
To enhance your outdoor time, you can stream music to your favorite outdoor (and waterproof!)
speakers. If there’s one thing that can enhance your outdoor play time, it’s music! This is especially true
if you have small children! Freeze dance anyone?

Cook Out
Another traditional family custom is to gather around the Barbeque and play games, talk, etc.
School has just started, the kids have so much to tell you, and they have so much energy that needs to
be expelled. Outdoor fun is the perfect solution to this problem because it promotes a soothing
atmosphere that is perfect for family communication and fun.
Even if the purpose of your little party is to watch your favorite sports game, there’s still plenty of room
for fun!

In truth, family time comes in many forms and the only thing that truly matters is that the relationships
within the family are full of love.
So, whether you’re helping your child with their homework, sitting down for a quiet movie with your
spouse or partner, or sitting down with the entire family for a meal, you’re making the best memories
that one could ask for.

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