December is a wondrous time of year and there are so many holidays to celebrate! Among those Holidays is the beloved Christmas, and while the importance of Christmas lies within the love of family and friends, there are a couple of things that could put your home in danger this Holiday season, and we’ve got just the thing to protect your home. 

Nobody’s Home:

Some families like to travel during the Holidays, and some of those family’s homes will be targeted by holiday thieves! 


Big Christmas Gifts? BIG target:

Imagine this, you wake up excited on Christmas morning and tear open the carefully placed wrapping paper on your brand new, and expensive toy. What did you get? Whether it’s a new TV or a new game console, you’re ready to tear into that box, set it up, and throw away the trash. 

But wait, now you’ve got a giant box that tells everybody what you’ve got inside your home, making yourself a target for the holiday thieves once again! (Pro-tip: never leave boxes out

in the open) Don’t worry, you can dispose of the box properly and make sure it’s not easily noticeable from the street. Even if you do that, though, there’s still the slight chance the Holiday bandits will try to ruin Christmas. 

What can I do? 

Two words: Hikvision. Cameras. 

Everybody knows that cameras are the best way to watch your home from as many angles as possible and catch any mischievous behavior. 

A Hikvision camera system, paired with Hik-Connect phone app, is a promising way to keep an eye on your home whether you’re inside or not! 

So, don’t worry about leaving town during the holidays, and protect your home after all the gifts are said and done, by having your home equipped with security cameras. 

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