One thing that many living rooms have is a TV. Nearly every family feels that having a TV in the main room of the home is important, but how many are mounting those TV’s to the wall rather than placing them on or in a TV stand?

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of mounting TV’s vs. placing them on a TV stand. Of course, there are pros and cons to either choice, so we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Pros to using a TV stand:

Finding furniture for your living room or even your bedroom can be a fun, exciting experience. Perfectly matching the TV stand, couch, and rugs is fun and makes your home unique. With a TV stand, you open up an opportunity to create a homier room. 

TV stands can offer an extensive amount of storage room. Whether you’re looking for storage of DVD’s, CD’s, or even your favorite collectable knickknacks, a TV stand can allow you to display (Or hide) whatever you like. 

Cons to using a TV stand:

If a TV and TV stand is not properly anchored down, it poses an extreme danger to both children and pets. Whether the TV falls off the stand, or the stand itself falls, it could cause great harm to whoever it falls on. Protecting the Children and Animals is the most important part of this, but protecting the TV is also important. Nobody wants tiny fingerprints all over their TV’s. 

TV stands don’t allow for much movement of the TV. Keeping the TV level on the stand is important, so fighting against glare, and best viewing area are much more difficult. 

One thing that can be an issue is moving around a TV stand in case you want to rearrange your house. In most homes, the living room furniture is arranged completely around the TV stand, and it makes it more difficult when you want to move even a single chair. 

Pros to a TV Mount:

When the TV is mounted on the wall it become safer because it is less likely to fall, less likely that a child or animal will bump it or even be able to reach it at all. 

Rearranging the living room can be easier because you don’t have to worry about leaving a TV stand in the perfect spot of the room. The TV can stay in the same spot, while the furniture is moved around it. 

Using the different types of TV mounts, you can angle the TV, pull it out from the wall, and so much more. 

Cons to a TV Mount:

Unless you get your TV professionally installed, you may believe that wires can be an issue. When you’re hanging the TV, the wires will hang down and look unsightly. However, when you have the TV installed by professionals, they can hide those wires inside the wall, giving the finished product a nice, clean look. 

This one is like pro number 2 because it involves rearranging your home. If you want to move the TV from one wall to another, you may run into issues with leaving holes in the wall. The good news, though, is that with a good install the holes will be minimal and easily repaired/ covered up. 


In the end, TV setup is very flexible. You can decide what type of setup fits your home and your family best. The most important thing about TV setup and installation, is that it is done correctly to protect your appliance!

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