Football season is important to many of our Oklahoma customers and the only question is, “How do YOU watch your football?” Whether you’re watching your favorite state team or your favorite NFL team you want to watch it in the best setting possible. Every person, family, or group has their own idea of the perfect football watch party. 

Living Room

The traditional scene for a football watch party is the beloved living room TV. Most homes feature a large, modern TV that is perfect for watching the game. Many living rooms are equipped with comfortable couches, while also being near the kitchen and dining room areas for easy snack access. 


An outdoor TV is the perfect solution for those who wish to spend their viewing times chowing down on burgers or kebabs. Outdoor watch parties allow the football fans to sit and watch the game while the others cook, swim, or play with the children in the yard.

Theater Room

A room specifically designed for watch parties? YES, PLEASE! 

A theater room is specifically designed for the best viewing and sound possible, plus it can come with cup holders!

Going Out

If you want to watch the game, but don’t want to hang at your own home, you can always join other sports fans at the nearest sports bar or grill. These places have their own TV’s and sound systems set up for this exact reason. 

The good news is that even if you don’t figure out your preferred viewing technique before the start of Football season you can still watch the game. 

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how you watch your favorite games, as long as you’re having fun! (And have plenty of snacks!)


Call (405) 509-6422 today and we’ll help you decide what viewing method fits your home and lifestyle!