In these modern times, upgrading your home can and should look like a lot more than just a nice new coat of paint or the addition of stainless steel appliances.    You can now live in a comfortable home that reflects your passion for cutting edge advancements – at the press of a button.    Being able to control your home with the touch of a button is the stuff that futuristic dreams are made of, so it only makes sense to include motorized shades in your new or existing home.   Installing these will not just look cool, but will allow you to effortlessly set the mood for different times of the day.   They will also help you save on energy bills.    We offer custom shades by Lutron, which are the finest in the industry.

Many of our customers enjoy the use of their multi purpose media room.    They can play games during the daytime and watch the big blockbuster movie at night.    Custom shades can play a role in either of these scenarios.    Lutron shades come in many styles, fabrics/materials, and colors, and can be matched perfectly to your decor.    They can be programmed to lower or rise at certain times of the day, and they can be programmed to follow the sun at sundown or sunrise.    How cool is that?!