Physical media is in decline, but it will never truly go away.    Data released this year states that revenue from sales and rentals of movies fell 7%, leveling out around $12 billion.     Meanwhile, subscription streaming grew to around $6 billion.     Home entertainment reached the $18 billion figure in 2016, which was up 2% from the previous year.

The big payoff for physical media is two-parted – 1) a superior library, and 2) the ability to properly utilize home theater hardware.     The first part is simple.     Many streaming services don’t offer a full selection of 4K content.   4K content requires a ton of streaming data.     Without a premium internet package from your provider, you risk constant buffering or getting stuck in 1080.     Streaming services don’t take advantage of all the new technology in today’s market.     High Dynamic Range (HDR) is quite prominent these days, and this feature is few and far between in streaming movies.      The same applies for audio when you want to experience a movie in Dolby ATMOS or DTS:X.

Watching a blockbuster movie without the correct surround sound setting on a 4K, HDR, Dolby ATMOS capable system is like purchasing a Lamborghini just to sit in rush hour traffic.     Enthusiasts still demand physical media as it offers an unrivaled buffer-free viewing experience, takes full advantage of the invested technology they have in their homes, and has a release schedule far ahead of streaming services.     As long as companies continue to make physical media (blu ray, ultra4K, etc.), there will be an be an audience to consume it.

Speaking of Ultra4K blu ray players, have you seen the new Oppo UDP-203?     There is a very noticeable difference when playing a high quality movie through this through a high quality projector onto a high quality projection screen.     Did you notice I used the term “high quality” several times in one sentence?     That’s what we do here – we educate our customers about high quality products and offer it to them.     With the business we’ve done over the past 8 years, they seem to enjoy it!     Anyway, back to the Oppo player.     This is a reference quality machine w/HDR, Dolby Vision, lossless audio, SACD playback, 3D capability, and all the quality features one would want.     It uses the some of the finest components our industry provides and weighs in at 16 lbs., not .6 lbs. like the disposable models found in large box stores.     Most all projector and projection screen manufacturers use Oppo players to demonstrate their products at the various trade shows we attend.     I wonder why that is?


If you already have and enjoy a nice home theater system, you already know all this.     The information above is quite obvious.     But admit it, you feel good about it.  LOL.    If you are satisfied watching a 55″ TV through its built in speakers, this doesn’t apply to you.     However, it’s great food for thought, if you ever decide to step up and get yourself into that enjoyable home theater experience.

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